Dramatis Personae

Bettina "Tiny" Timmy
CEO of Timmy's ToyCo

- Hails from Autumn Bay, NY, USA.
- Took over the company after the assassination of her brother.
- Has a rather strained relationship to the police since then.

Major Selene Wildebees
Security Guard at Timmy's ToyCo

- One of Tiny's most loyal employees.
- Hails from the country of Macrobiana.
- Is a veteran of the Ostrich War.

Jane Doyle
Tiny's Personal Assistant

- Hails from Anvil Flats, IL, USA.
- Diligent and smart.
- Rather new to the world of big business.

Lena Santorini
Department Head of Timmy's ToyCo Europe

- Hails from Gernsbeck, Germany.
- Was the "popular mean girl" back in school.
- Has a rather manipulative streak.

Joseph Drake Senior
CEO of Drake Industries

- Hails from Autumn Bay, NY, USA.
- Is related to Tiny via her mother Hyacinthia Timmy, née Drake.
- Insists on her calling him "Uncle", though this isn't exactly how they are related.

General Volstruis Mbuni
Ex-Dictator of the Republic of Kogana

- Main Instigator of the Ostrich War.
- The Hague would like to have a word with him about that.
- Old buddy of Joseph Drake Senior.

Ingi aka Ingrid Whitehall
Former Refugee from the Ostrich War

- Hails from a miner's village near Solomon, Macrobiana.
- Met a lot of interesting people during her flight from the war.
- Old friend of Selene Wildebees.

Xenon aka Candy Armstrong
Freelance Mercenary & Assassin

- Hails from [UNKOWN].
- Top level fighting skills acquired at [UNKNOWN].
- Archenemy of Selene Wildebees.